St. Francis 2003 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon

Like most people who like really big California Cabs, I am forever looking for one that taste similar to the expensive Napa cult cabs but wont be so expensive that you can’t afford to it enjoy more than a few times a year. This wine certainly fits the bill. It has what most Cal-Cabs have that I like; a complex structure and even ripe tannins. The two are usually hard to find in a wine under $20 a bottle. This winery has produced several very fine Cabs recently (02 was outstanding). The 03 it very good but falls just short of the previous year but nothing a little time in the cellar might correct. For my money it’s value for the $20. If you love Napa Cabs but don’t love the high pirce tags then this wine might be worth a try.

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Silver Oak Winery

My wife and I visited Silver Oak winery in Napa in June. We had an outstanding time for several reasons which I will cover. The tour was fun and unhurried. We had a delightful tour guide named Dek who took his time, explained everything in great detail as he generously poured the current release of their Alexander Valley and Napa Vally Cab. The group we toured the facility with was small so we had the chance to speak with most everyone in the group. If you happen to be visiting Napa a trip to Silver Oak will not disappoint. We are both big fans of the wine so we  had big expectations. We were delighted by the experience

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Silverwing 2004 Pinot Noir Yarra Valley

We are not big white wine drinkers. The occasional Chard or Sauvignon Blanc in the summer months is usually the extent of our white cellar. We prefer to pair the sweeter reds with dishes that most people might prefer to have with whites. As a result we are always delighted to find a red that is a value and can be served with chicken, fish or lighter pasta dishes. The 2004 Sliverwing Pinot Noir serves that role for us. It’s light but not in a watery way. The sweetness of the blackberry flavors comes through well and is balanced. The finish is long and very smooth. The wine comes from one of Australia’s cool climate growing areas that has a very good reputation for producing memorable wines. The wine in a great value for the price. Some might be off put by the screw top but it’s a solid choice for a house Pinot Noir.

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The Winemakers Role

The Simi Cabernets are some of Lisa’s favorite Cabs. She still likes the label but the wines have changed in recent vintages. Not in any big obvious ways but in more subtle ways like texture and finish. We learned the reason for the changes had less to do with the difference in vintages and more to do with a new wine maker. We have been drinking the Simi Alexander Valley and reserves for years and enjoyed the consistency in each vintage. We noticed with the 03 Cab a subtle but noteworthy change in the flavor and complexity in the wine. The 01 vintage was the last for longtime Simi winemaker Nick Goldschmidt. We still enjoy the Simi wines very much but the style is all-together different. Not better or worse, just different. The style of current winemaker Steve Reeder is more based in what comes out of the the vineyard than what happens in the cellar. Again, not bad just different. In a way it’s nice to know that in a winery owned by a large multi-brand corporation, one persons style can still make such difference.

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Delectus 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Sacrashe Vineyard

We discovered the Delectus label quite by accident. We were in Highlands North Carolina celebrating my birthday over the Thanksgiving holiday. Highlands has some great restaurants but my wife had selected On The Verandaas as the place to ring in year 42. The food was great but we were lucky enough to have a great waiter who suggested the Delectus 1998 Napa Valley Cabernet. For me it was love at first taste. Lisa loved it too. We were hooked. When we were in Napa in June we arranged for a tour of the winery and brought back more than a few bottles since Delectus is not widely distributed here in the southeast. One of the many truly outstanding wines we tasted on our tour was the 01 Cab Rutherford Sacrashe Vinyard. This wine is not inexpensive but the value is there. It’s very complex with just the right mix (for my taste) of oak, cherry, vanilla. The tannins are exceptionally ripe and round. If you are looking for a very special bottle with a great steak then you can impress yourself and your company with this wine.

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David Bruce 2003 Sonoma County Pinot Noir

My wife and I were out at Langdon’s in Mount Pleasant, SC the other night celebrating her promotion at work. Langson’s always has some interesting wines on their list with several special selections that change regularly. One of those specials was the 03 David Bruce Sonoma County Pinot. My wife is more of a Pinot fan than I but only by a small degree. We decided to take a flier on the wine. We were both very impressed with the wine. The wine paired with her grouper better my prime NY strip but I was surprised how well it held up to the big flavor of the steak. It’s very ripe fruit forward which pushes my tolerance for sweetness but because of the complex texture it all came together and worked for both of us. Not what I would call inexpensive (especially in a restaurant) but might be something to try for a special occasion or a group of friends over for dinner.

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Carmenet ends US distribution

I was sad to hear that Carmenet is discontinuing the label in North America. Although the Cabernet was simply average I thought that most vintages of the Merlot was a very good value. I could usually find the Merlot for under $8 without a case discount. For more information see below.

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Hello world!

Welcome to encompass wine. The reason I chose the name encompass wine for my blog is that I am to cover everything in the world that interest ME! Hopefully you will enjoy what you read and contribute as well.

I am interested in wine and the wine business as a casual observer. I am not a wine “expert”. I hope to share my views and opinions on wines, and associated topics like the business of wine making, visiting wineries, and anything else that happens to wander through.

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