Delectus 2004 Argentum

OK so if you haven’t figured it out yet, Delectus is one my favorite producer so we tend to drink more than a few bottles when given the chance. This wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Petite Sirah, and Syrah. As the name Argentum (means silver in Latin) this wine is composed of the lots that were good but not quite good enough to make it into the vineyard designated wines. When you understand that this wine is intended to be an every day drinker it’s outstanding. The Merlot shows through the most on the palate. It’s very hot (16.2% alc.). It’s racy in style and is quite enjoyable for everyday drinking and beats other blends costing twice as much. Get it fast because most of the wine this winery produces IS good enough to make it in the first label so there isn’t much of it to go around. If you can find it, it’s usually $20-22.

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