2006 Tiza Malbec (Argentina, Mendoza)

Inky black color. The nose had a harmony of scents such as anise seed, plumb stew and almost candy apple. There is a nice balance of fruit and acidity with blackberry and plumb leading the way. The tannins were fine- grained and last all the way through the medium length finish. The Mendoza region of Argentina is generally regarded as one of the very best places in the world to grow Malbec as the climate allows for the required long hang time to make great balanced wines. This wine is very good for the money ($20.00). Tiza uses 100% Malbec fruit for this wine.

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2007 Cruz Alta Malbec Reserva (Argentina, Mendoza)

Deep purple in color. The nose consists of muted  red fruit notes and a touch of must. The palate shows layersof plumb, anise and black pepper with a hint of stalkiness. Tannins are well integrated and smooth. The wine seems a little tight so some additional bottle time might improve the experience. Good but not great. There are better Malbec wines from Argentina in this price range.

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2006 Pascual Toso Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Bottled (Argentina, Mendoza, Maipú)

pascual_tosoThe color is a inky dark purple. Smokey red fruit on the nose that leads to flavors of of tart cherry, tobacco, green olive and a strong oak note on the finish. The tannins are drying and lingering. A representitive example of value branded Argentina Cabernet Sauvignon. At $9 it’s good but not great.

2006 Finca Flichman Paisaje de Barrancas (Argentina, Mendoza)

Faint hints of red fruit and vanilla on the nose. Stewed plumb and red cherry that turns tart toward the end of the finish. Tannins are moderate and linger on the finish as well. Not bad but there others in the price range that are much better. Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.

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2006 Kaiken Cabernet Sauvignon (Argentina, Mendoza)

kaikenDeep purple hue that fades at the rim. Vanilla nose that leads to stewed plumb and red cherry flavors and a touch of green. Not very complex but easy drinking nonetheless.

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2004 Zolo Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva (Argentina, Mendoza)

Found this on sale at World Market ($14 down from 18). Red-blue in color. The nose is focused on the aging notes of vanilla and chocolate at this point. Good fruit flavors still offer currant, blueberry and red berries. Very easy drinking but do it now.zolo

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2006 Bodega Catena Zapata Malbec Alamos (Argentina, Mendoza)

Deep purple in color. Very fruit forward with flavors of plumb and blackberry with a hint of toast mid palate. The finish is medium length with smooth tannins. The wine is not very complex but it enjoyable for a weekday drinker. The price is right at $7.99 in most places like Costco and Total Wine.

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